Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 23, 2010

Tribute Songs: Let the Healing Begin

Lately I’ve been building this elaborate mix-tape in my head, a compilation of musicians’ tributes to their departed fellow musicians– featuring George Harrison’s “All Those Years Ago” and Elton John’s “Empty Garden” as tributes to John Lennon, Bruce Cockburn’s “Closer To the Light” for Mark Heard, “Night Shift” by the Commodores for Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson, Van Morrison’s “Jackie Wilson Said”, etc etc .

F ‘rinstance… here’s a great one: a 2009 tribute by Ringo Starr to George Harrison:

But the list kept growing. And morphing. I started including stuff like Simon and Garfunkel’s lovely “So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright”. Springsteen’s mournful post 9/11 song “My City in Ruins”. And Neil Young’s electrified, angry “Cortez the Killer”.

And now I don’t know where to stop. Maybe Mel Brooks’ “Springtime for Hitler”. Yeah, that sounds about right.


as a bonus:

I just discovered Sheryl Crow covers the Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back” on her well-reviewed new album, 100 Miles from Memphis (it’s a bonus track… whatever that means). Michael gave Sheryl her first break in music, hiring her as a backup singer. So this is her homage, and her impression of little Michael is superb. Watch it here —>

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