Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 21, 2010

Poll: Songs With Days of the Week

Mick and Keith, looking like my two funky great aunts these days.

A facebook friend started a fun discussion of pop songs with days of the week in the title.

I thought I’d open it up for further discussion and comments here at the blog. Seems like one of those topics that seems easy on the surface, but is actually pretty tough. Give it a try —>

The facebook comment mentioned “Goodbye, Ruby Tuesdayt” (Stones), to which I added a song by Allman Brothers (I think, or Lynerd Skynerd) called “Tuesday’s Gone”. And Aimee Mann’s former backing group was called ‘Til Tuesday. Any others?

I’m sure there are more Monday songs. I’ll start: “Monday, Monday” (M&P’s), Rainy Days and Mondays (Carps), “Come Monday” (Buffett), and of course “Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays” (Boomtown Rats, a song about which I once wrote a blog entry on gun violence and schools:   ) . “Manic Monday”, by the Bangles. (Written by Prince… whose songs have been covered or become hits for others much more often than you’d think.) I’m betting I’ve forgotten a few other Mondays.

Wednesday and Thursday are tougher. Might need to use a search engine*. Can’t think of any right now. Except Beatles’ “Lady Madonna”, which mentions Monday thru Thursday in the verses.

[ * Note: basic Google search, which would be cheating, yields dozens of songs, half of which I’ve heard of. Comment first below, then check your work at this site. I found I slapped myself in the head six or eight times. (“How’d I forget that one?!” )   I also found a fun site, Jay Tunes, that lists songs by other categories, such as this week’s “Rain” in the title  list].

Friday’s got potential. First thing comes to mind is Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right”, which begins “Friday night I crashed your party”. This may not count, though. Then there’s the disco song that even inspired a movie: “Thank God It’s Friday”. Any more? Again, the weekend-equals-party-music angle is a good suggestion, especially for some country songs I wouldn’t know much about.

Which brings us to Saturday. Ah, Saturday! I can go back at least to early 60s for Sam Cooke’s “Another Saturday Night”. How about the 70s for Bay City Rollers’  “Saturday Night”? Elton John: “Sat. Nite’s Alright for Fighting”. I KNOW there are others. I’m just blanking on them right now. Especially the one-hit-wonders.

Sunday: U2’s “Sun. Bloody Sunday”, lots of gospel songs, Smokey Robinson’s “Cruisin’ (On a Sunday Afternoon”. But again, it’s harder than it looks.

Help me out, guys!


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