Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 10, 2010

Friend’s Films on Holocaust & Allen Iverson

Kartemquin Films


An aging Holocaust survivor believes everyone is trying to kill her – sixty years after her tragic childhood. Her son travels the world to uncover his mother’s secret past, along the way discovering a family he never knew he had and illuminating a little-known illness: late-onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


The material below is info I’m just passing along, about a couple of new documentaries from a great company I used to work for, in the Paleolithic Era. The links should work to go get more info for yourself. I’m most likely going to go see the Holocaust survivor film, as I want to go to the new museum in my hometown of Skokie anyway, and what better reason than to see a preview of my friend’s film.

Click to be the first to see the trailer for Kartemquin’s new 2010 film Prisoner of Her Past. Enter the password: pohp

 Prisoner of Her Past will have its North American Premiere at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival on February 14th at 1:30pm, with Director Gordon Quinn attending. Audiences in Illinois will also a get a chance to see a special preview screening of the film on February 28th, at 1:30pm , at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Click here for tickets and more information or call 847.967.4889.

“Hoop Dreams” Director Steve James discusses No Crossover 

In No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson director Steve James revisits his hometown of Hampton, VA and finds that people are still reluctant to discuss a controversial 1993 incident that would change the life of future basketball star Allen Iverson. Audiences flocked to two ‘sneak peek’ screenings in Chicago, and Kartemquin is proud to announce the highly anticipated film will have its World Premiere at the South by SouthWest Film Festival in March before airing on television as part of ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series on April 13th. Other festival appearances are also soon to be announced.

In an exclusive interview for the Kartemquin newsletter, Steve James discusses how his personal involvement in the film stemmed from a desire to understand “how an athlete so transcendent in this town could become the center of such a divisiveness within the community.”


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