Posted by: Mark Nielsen | October 28, 2009

Trial and Error Symphony (a poem of sorts)

Trial-and-Error Symphony         by Mark Nielsen, Oct. 28, 2009

Composing. Caring. Not caring.

Never minding the bad notes.

Changing them later.

Embracing the eraser.

A potter and a pot.

Creating an earthen vessel.

Made of magic mud.

A cracked pitcher, poured out.

A cup who runneth over.

Sweet spirit. Potent.

Refilled daily. Leaking love.

Sparkling. Rippling. Reflecting my source.

Making a decision to not be perfect.

Flying. Falling. Feeling.

Forgiving. Everyone.

Being stuck. Being lost. Being okay.

Try again anyway. Anything. Anywhere. 

Here, now, before it’s too late.

Believing it’s never too late.

Remembering. Smiling.

Finger-painting. Messing around. Making noise.

Using dirt to get clean.

Mud and memory.

Blood and ashes.

Slow. Learning. Asking forgiveness.

Surviving death by drowning.

Boundless untapped potential.


Always new.

In between.

Crossing bridges, rivers, fingers.

In repair.

Behind the scenes.

My original face, an unspoiled place.


Planting. Planted. Planned.

A seed.

Seeking harmony.

Waiting. Hoping. A certain kind of knowing.


I  AM.

I am.

I am


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