Posted by: Mark Nielsen | October 23, 2009

We’re #1! We’re #1! (On a global income scale)

As in, I’m in the richest 1% of the worldwide population!

Are you a #1 too?

Are you a #1 too?

My family is actually at .78%. However, this is more impressive-sounding than a corresponding number, our actual numerical ranking on a “world’s richest” list. On THAT list, we’re #47,380,745. Aw shucks. I thought I was #1?

Still, being in the top 1% is reason to be grateful, not to mention a strong encouragement to be realistic anytime I’m feeling sorry for myself — like when I can’t buy something, or can’t get the job or the raise that I really want. I’m trying to be a “glass half full” sort of guy, and not sweat the small stuff, so info like my statistically-confirmed #1 status helps with that.

BTW, all this was calculated using a nice round number within about $5K of last-year’s annual net salaries — thus not including our assets, our non-wage earnings, etc. Full disclosure: we have better than average assets, if one were to add up “what we’re worth”. For instance, there’s that little vacation home up in Wisconsin…

To see how your income stacks up against the world’s standard of living, hop over to the Global Rich List. Thanks go out to Christian activist, spiritual practice teacher and Renaissance Woman Christine Sine at her Godspace blog, who posted the Rich List link first. I’ll have to hop over to Godspace again a few times a week myself, as a regular “spiritual practice”, now that I’ve found her great site.

A related item: Back in April 2009– a.k.a. tax-time for those of you here in the U.S.– I posted a short blognote and some links detailing the median (most common) income in the U.S., and how my family stacks up. The above link gives a few choice income details from 1916 through 2008, but for sake of time, the basic 2007 number was $61,500. I noted with neither pride nor shame that our family income was above that (no other personal info will be given here… my wife would kill me… in fact, she still may…)

So you may not be number one in your own community, but if you expand your thinking out to everyone in the world, you’re probably one of the number ones, too. Maybe everyone who owns a computer in order to read this is a #1. And all this, of course, is meant to say just one thing, as any good progressive would:

Share The Wealth!

Technological, financial, food, natural resources… whatever you have access to. Find a way to give that other 99% a better chance at dignity and a decent life.



  1. Mark,
    thanks for the flattering comments. It really is sobering to realize how wealthy on the world’s scale we all are.

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