Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 16, 2009

You Lie? Wilsons, Plames and Kanye’s Slow Career Flame-Out

Great rant on The Daily Show last night from Lewis Black, the heir apparent to Lenny Bruce style political high-wire acts. Lew was ticked about the Joe Wilson “you lie” scandal — how everyone is stealing his whole “public anger and insults” act: Wilson, Serena Williams, Kanye West, even the Prez having the balls to say Kanye was a “jackass”.  Somewhere, Don Rickles is laughing hysterically, and Ron Reagan is saying “what in the world did I start?!”

Among other things, Black pointed out that Wilson’s fundraising has improved by over $2 million in the weeks since the incident. Great. Basic adolescent rudeness bordering on the treasonous (or the knee-jerkiest) is now more profitable than ever. Give a right wing hack an inch and he’ll smear it with crap for several blocks. We are a nation of fourth graders. Hope no Democrat is heard to fart, lest he or she be laughed out of Congress or given a wedgie.

Another goofy thing, though:

I kept thinking “Where have I heard that name before?” Joe Wilson. Mr. Wilson…. Dennis the Menace’s Mr. Wilson? Well, maybe, but… no. Tom Hanks’ volleyball? Shuddup. Joe Louis Black ? Jackie Wilson? No.

Ah, GOT IT! Joe Wilson, IV, husband of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame about two years ago. (And do we miss recently departed journalist Robert Novak yet, the schmuck who outed her? …I .. don’t … think … so!) Is there a moderate in the house?…

Oh, and here’s a thing: the original Wilson was a former ambassador to Iraq under George H.W. Bush. This gets weirder by the minute.

The only public outburst/train wreck left to laugh or cry about is an actual train wreck full of cows, and Katie Couric or Sean Hannity caught on mic during a commercial making a crack about a PETA terrorist act. Mark my words… it’s a -comin’ ! See a YouTube near you.


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