Posted by: Mark Nielsen | August 4, 2009

Walking Toward Kingdom

I hopped over to a favorite site today, Jesus Manifesto, and was pleased to see a good article on the Kingdom of God by my friend Paul Munn, formerly of Reba Place Church, and one of the more radical but sane individuals I’ve met in my life.

Paul also has a blog, where he has published his “pilgrim journals”,  material he wrote while walking around America for months at a time, depending on the kindness of strangers (especially Christians), and conducting what he calls a “faith experiment”. He’s gotten married since then and put down roots at Plow Creek, an intentional Christian community in Illinois. But he continues with his wife to journey in other ways, by writing or by helping others have a rural retreat space in which to start a journey of their own.

By the way, Jesus Manifesto also published an essay of mine on economics, slowing down, simple living and spiritual values about a year ago. I re-read it today, still like it, but was not sure if I had it go to Facebook or not back then. So click the link above to read it. I’ve flirted with Jesus Manifesto since then, sending 1-2 other essays (not accepted, which is fine… gotta have standards, and I don’t always have it together with my rambling diatribes and explorations).

JM seems to be chugging along pretty well as a meeting place for a growing number of people from many backgrounds. Check out its sections and see for yourself. Some of the material in Wit and Satire, for example, is top-grade stuff by published authors, as good as anything in The Onion, or the Daily Show, and certainly outdoing the creativity seen in your average pulpit.

Walk on, …in whatever path God lays out for you today. Don’t let yourself be led down no sidestreets on the road to the Kingdom.


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