Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 31, 2009

Spirit of the Nomad

Met w/ Fred N today re upcoming sermonette. Good feedback, but it’s hard to scale back my vision and semi-prophetic ambitions. “Death by Suburb: I want that person’s life” is the main theme.

Poetry engine still firing on all cylinders. Shakey still inspires. God inspires moreso.

For example:

Nomad (Prodigal Part 77)

I took the original long strange trip
Now grateful to be home, not trying to be hip.
I chewed through the leash and (then) stumbled around
On my way back to where I am found.

Not a road trip but a head trip
Past the heart into the darkness
Not drugs or guns or money
But a will that won’t be harnessed.

Self-destructive to the Nth degree
Under the guise of being free
Do what I want, “Man, forget what they need”,
And then exit at breakneck speed.

I was tired of the road
When I figured out the code
Tried so many permutations
That my head would just explode.

I surrendered to my friends,
Kissed my enemies goodbye
Then found a crew who taught me how to fly. (Bridge?)

So I’ll put down roots right here
Time to drop the landing gear
Gonna put out some green shoots,
Next year, watch for the fruit. (Bleah)

Okay, I’m spent for Now. Half-brilliant, half drivel. And who even knows which half is which?



  1. Well there ain’t no race like home
    Retrospect it when in roam

  2. Interesting little couplet, “thanks”. Don’t know if you are aware that I was in roaming in Rome just a couple weeks ago, but that’s what jump-started a lot of the creativity and contemplation I’m doing now…

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