Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 24, 2009

Moved by the Sun Mover

My aim for today, and quite possibly forever:

My being turned–
Instinct and intellect balanced equally
As in a wheel whose motion nothing jars–
By the Love that moves the Sun and other stars.

[Final lines of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy (Paradiso), circa 1301]

We’re up in Wisconsin this weekend. Days tick off the calendar and I’m still stalling for time, marking time. I’m circling the airport of my life, vocationally speaking, trying to figure a good approach vector to the proper runway in order to land somewhere that feels like home by September (or if not, by the time I die… since I’m already old and gray… too old to still be professionally “homeless”).

I’ve written three or four funky, potentially good poems (but too long, as usual) in the past week. They’re a sure sign that, if nothing else, I’m at least in “listening mode”, inclined to let the Spirit help me put this job/art/family puzzle together. But I’m also enjoying a sort of  “last hurrah”. In other words, we’ve only got another week or two of good family time left before Sue goes back to work– this time under a new principal, and after having been denied two other higher administrative positions she interviewed for back in the spring. So she’s got puzzles of her own to put together this year.

Thus we try to balance instinct and intellect, as Dante suggests. And while we’re at it, we take time to jump off the pier and play in the lake with our son, under the hot, God-powered sun.

Ready, set, JUMP!



  1. Strangely. I can completely relate to your post. These are interesting times we live in. By faith I am convinced that God is still on the throne and can provide for all needs according to His riches in glory.
    God bless, Glenn

  2. Thanks, Glenn. I’m always encouraged to be reminded that I’m not alone in muddling along as a round peg seeking a square hole to let God wedge me into.

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