Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 13, 2009

Pushy and Passionate in Rome

Just a couple of minutes to post a note today. Arrived in Rome yesterday with only minor wrong turns and irritations along the way (for instance, we think the gas station attendant at the highway service area ripped us off to the tune of 10 or more Euros). The drivers are more agressive in this town, as evidenced by our cabbie’s bursts of speed and energy while Led Zeppelin burst from the radio. Glad we returned the car, but lots of walking so far. Great though: Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain to Pantheon to Coliseum, and numerous points in-between. Foodwise, our luck is only so-so as yet (but with great atmosphere… I want to open an outdoor diners’ awning business in this town… we’d make a killing!). But the restaurant my Uncle and Mom texted us to try is way across town, so dunno if we will try to go there or not.

IN a few minutes, we go to gardens at Villa Borghese and their art museum, then this afternoon to Vatican City. Last push today, as we get on a plane tomorrow afternoon.

Avanti! (Let’s go!)


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