Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 12, 2009

The White Dwarves Defend Their Honor (original poem)

Don’t quote me on the science (i.e. Polaris might not be a blue giant). Just see the silly little pictures in your silly little head. And see the Feb. 2011 rewrite/update of this poem for a slightly different angle on our astral neighborhood.

The White Dwarves Defend Their Honor      by Mark Nielsen, June 2009

 “What if / the stars began to shout their names, or to run / this way and that above the clouds?” -from How Would You Live Then? By Mary Oliver, 2004

The red dwarves,

those old lady stars in their lacy red, pink and turquoise hats,

have chosen the Andromeda Galaxy Grille

as their Early Bird dinner destination.

(Annie heard the Beef a’ la Armstrong Special

was very fine indeed.)

The Seven Sisters

have taken their Motown-style singing act

on the road to Pluto –

that rogue planet which, like Old Cuba,

has now become a haven for gangsters

and modern day space pirates.

Proud Pleides Mary, the contralto,

believes these lovely ladies are sure to be a hit.

Meanwhile the White Dwarves

are on strike.

Their employer, the Gemini Conglomerate,

has sent hundreds of jobs across the border

to low wage (but stellar) workers

in nearby Leo.

Union steward Ralphie Lukasic,

third star from the right over The Archer’s shoulder,

says management has to be held accountable to the community,

no matter what the suits and shareholders

chasing a buck have in mind.

The blue blinkers in Aries

threw a party for Jimmy the Lesser the other day;

Cheating Giant the black hole

is due for release from jail any day now;

and all in all it’s a great big circus atmosphere

out here in the Milky Way,

the rugged frontier town on the west side of the universe.

Me? I’m Isaiah,

a blue giant ,

though most of you probably know me

by my Earthdweller name:

Polaris, the North Star.

Sailors down there still steer by me,

and I have yet to steer them wrong.

They are my adoptive children,

and I, their admiral in the sky.

Come join the circus.

Once you get on our ferris wheel,

you’ll never want to get off.


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