Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 8, 2009

We Play With God at Creation

“Our way of working should be different from the world’s… And we can start by nurturing a biblical imagination. If you look at Genesis, when God works, God creates. Wisdom is created at the beginning of God’s work, and is described in Proverbs as a ‘master worker’, but also as God’s daily delight. I interpret that to mean that play is an essential part of work.” – anonymous Benedictine sister, as quoted by Kathleen Norris in _The Cloister Walk_

Followed immediately by:
“I thought about how listening to Genesis once in a monastery choir, I’d suddenly heard Adam’s naming the animals as a form of play. God does not command Adam to name the animals; God brings them to Adam “to see what he will call them.” This implies that God wants to be *surprised* and wants Adam to play along in the continual surprise of creation.” -K.N.

[*A surprisable God is a fairly radical theological concept, perhaps especially to those with a supremely rational or “all-knowing” concept of God (mystery-suspicious Protestants?). ]

St. Benedict’s hermitage cave: near Subiaco, Italy

*Feast of St. Benedict*: July 11!!! When my wife and I will be in Italy… I think I feel a “road trip” comin’ on…


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