Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 6, 2009

Report #1- Write to Publish Conference

This Christan writer’s conference is one I’d heard about for years. Finally got off my duff and got here. I’m shopping/showing my Santa Chronicles project to agents & editors. Decent response so farm Overall, atmosphere is more conservative than I swing, but I expected that.Still learning good “marketplace” info, tho.And encouraging ideas. Like the following excerpt from my notes during Mary DeMuth’s evening talk:

How can we write invitational words to draw in the peripheral people, to be a *well* for them?
Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. God is Spirit (not location, or rules).

Leave the water jar at the well. Like her)m
Writer’s job is to say “come see a man who told me everything about my life”, and then they encounter him directly and don’t believe just cuZ of me.

Media assault + material stuff= saturation – see Quaker Summer (Lisa Sampson) re separation from it all.



  1. Who would I contact and where would I begin? I’m a recovering adult drug addict that managed to live through several domestic violent relationships, incarceration, & beat all the odds with the guidance of the holy sprit. Today I’m a mother of two, married, have 3 grandchildren and Hep C as a result of my drug use or blood transfusion, its hard to say. I have a powerful testamony and feel I could be a inspriration to many that have suffered and are still suffering.

    • Hi Michelle,
      In the interest of keeping things on the blog more general, for the largest and widest audience, this discussion might be better taken to email. If you check back, go to my About page for my email address, and send me a message so I have your address. I don’t have a lot of guidance to give, as a beginner myself. But I’ll do what I can.

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