Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 29, 2009

Getting Unstuck

I’m kind of psyched about ramping up my creative efforts, moving away from a solitary process, toward some collaborations.

I’m co-developing a presentation (or a longer workshop) on creativity and spirituality for my menswork group. I’m joining a writer’s group started by some friends. I’m following up on some contacts in the writing and publishing industry (including at the Write to Publish conference next weekend in Wheaton). I’m even considering doing a repeat stint as a mall Santa Claus this Christmas, to do an eight-years-later diary of the experience similar to the one I kept the first time (“The Santa Chronicles”… originally circulated as a series of emails, then recrafted for the blog, and now undergoing some re-packaging as a possible book project.)

I secretly suspect that much of what I’ve written is crap, that I’m a hack, and that nobody will ever care enough to pay any money for my limited amount of talent. But signs and encouragement from beyond me now point toward that as a big fat lie.

Feeling hopeful today. Hope it lasts…


  1. We befriended our mall Santa after so many trips to the shopping center. He is a very special guy who had a very sad story about losing his family–he expressed how appreciative he was for us to be always hanging around.

    Sounds like a goodo book idea.

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