Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 12, 2009

Woodland Chapel (an original poem)

Woodland Chapel                                     (an original poem by Mark Nielsen)

I will take this twig for a rosary,
breaking off one inch at a time
with each silent prayer
(for the dying).

This pile of logs, my altar.
This woodland stream, my well.
From it I shall draw and drink
the water of abundant life,
a communion wine that quenches
and does not run out.

I hear the song in my ears
of bees and birds
and the dandy lion,
roaring as it goes triumphantly to seed,
then spreading out, flying to freedom
in response to the Spirit’s galeforce wind.

I will take another twig —
this one Y-shaped,
like a divining rod.
I will listen to it,
be led by it,
toward fresh water
in the pond beyond.
It will lead me to refreshment
if I surrender my steps
to its divine prompting.

Or, turning it around,
I will make a private joke with the twig,
turning it into the antennae
of an ant.

Now I am the ant:
probing, picking up signals,
sent by the magician’s own Ariel
and all those sprites
–unseen messengers–
in the woods around me.



  1. Mark,
    I really liked your Poem, you always paint such a beautiful Picture. I wanted to tell you that one of my favorite Magazines now is Guideposts. A lot of really good short stories with a Christian perspective. You may be familiar with it.

    Love Mom

  2. Oh, Mark, I loved this. I love the twig as a rosary that you break off bits and the roaring dandy lion, and the water imagery. Well done.

    • Thanks Ruth.

      And of course, thank you also, MOM.

      My conscience and faith are blessed by women such as these in the world.

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