Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 12, 2009

Resurrection Skirt – an original Easter poem

Resurrection Skirt             by Mark Nielsen                 April 12, 2009


“Can you get the boy started on a bath?”

she called out from the bedroom

early Easter morning,

as I watched an angelic and surreal 

black carpenter ant

crawl up our living room wall

toward his presumed escape to heaven

through the skylight.


“I can help bathe him on the back end,” she continued.

“I just need to finish myself up first.”

She had been sweetly concerned all morning

about what to wear to church,

consulting me  ( of all people?!? )

on whether her dark floral print skirt

was colorful enough

to express the inner joy we feel–

wondering whether its purple flowers

on a black and brown background

were enough to symbolize our resurrected hope,

emerging from the black soil and rotted leaves

of a necessary winter.


“You don’t need to finish yourself,”

I encouraged her.

“You are already complete and beautiful,

like fine Wedgewood porcelain.

(and indeed, I thought,

the important washing and preparations

all happened while we slept).


“Besides…” I offered,

“even if we showed up in burlap bags to church,

they would still have to accept us

just as we are

according to the terms Jesus laid out.”


“Okay…” she said nervously, 

“but let’s wait till next year

before we pull a stunt like that.”

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