Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 30, 2009

52 Pick-Up

It’s the last day of Spring Break for Graham and I, and we’re making the best of it by staying Up North in Wisconsin. Sue worked last week, so she gets the rest of this week for those long-awaited spring cleaning projects back home.

The highlight of the day was Sue approaching Graham after a family card game (Thirty-One), and asking if he wanted to learn a new game: Fifty-Two Pickup. He’s six, so he’s never seen this done.

She held up the deck about three feet from him and said, “When the card is black, you say ‘smoke’. When it’s red, you say ‘fire’. Ready?” She gave me a knowing glance and just the slightest smirk.

“Ready,” said the unsuspecting boy.

So she strarted flipping cards. “Smoke… Smoke… Smoke…” The tension was mounting, for me anyway. “Smoke… Fire”.

Then Sue squeezed the deck, and fifty-two cards went flying crazily toward his innocent little head. Graham screamed with surprise and pleasure. “Fifty-two card pickup! There you go,” she said, chuckling.

I was laughing out loud now. “Now *there’s* a once-in-a-lifetime joke,” I said, enjoying the moment.

“Well, he’s six. He’ll probably still like that one for a few years yet,” she replied. (And he did, already getting started a minute later by asking me to play again.)

“Yes, but it will never be as good as the first time,” I said.

Reason enough to write it down for posterity.



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