Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 11, 2009

The Only Way Out Is Forward

I’m not so keen on this poem yet. I think it needs some work. But I’m putting it out there anyway, while I have it in hand.


The Only Way Out                                                         by Mark Nielsen,  Feb/March 2009

The only way out is forward, not back
Get up off the deck and get set to attack
What was good for you once is a stone ‘round your neck
You have much work to do and so much to protect

It may be a cliché but there’s no other way
To say get in the game and you’ll get through the day
Don’t you go down that rabbit hole, no time to play
For you’re late for a date and we’re soon old and gray.

Stumble toward ecstasy. Burn down that bridge.
Take those country roads home. Hey! Stay out of the fridge!
Produce, don’t consume, or you’re lost in the flood,
But don’t go it alone, you’ll be needing the blood.

Don’t take over the wheel, just give your life away.
No need to control, trust the Driver to stay
On the road of the life He has laid out before you
Pay attention! …I’m sorry. Does all this stuff bore you?


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