Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 21, 2009

Outgrowing the Womb (a poem)

Outgrowing the Womb  by Mark Nielsen (Feb. 20, 2009– with a nod to Rumi)

Too long I have waited

In this womb-like chrysalis,

Expecting a special invitation

To complete my metamorphosis.

I am most certainly getting too big,

Bursting the seams, too old for this shit.

Yet I hestitate. I am still afraid.

One would think by now I would have gotten it.

I need a bold, no-nonsense midwife

To intercede, then bring me home.

I heed the voices of brave older brothers

Calling me out of my safe pleasure dome.

Outside: the pacing, winking wise men,

Who can’t wait to teach me with a joke,

Who know the funny trickster tales

And how to tell them with a poke

In Adam’s rib. On the eve of my birth,

These fathers will grab the Trickster Snake

And wring its hungry, liar’s neck

To save this changing caterpillar

Whose beauty takes longer than you’d expect.



  1. Hey, this is very good.

  2. beautimus

  3. Oh Mark, this is a fine poem. So true and so wise.

  4. Tanks guys & gals. Your sweet encouragement means a lot.

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