Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 18, 2009

Economic Stimulus Advice: Out With the Old, In With the New

I just signed a petition put out by The Prosperity Mandate, an interesting non-profit’s proposal for government-backed investment by private citizens, as the main way to fund an economic recovery and spur healthier, more permanent growth. This  may be one of the first petitions I’ve ever signed where I was an early signer. I don’t actually know how these things go, or how far the impact reaches. But it sure beats standing still and whining about our problems.

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Mark Nielsen has just read and signed the petition: Build a Strong Middle Class, But No More Debt!

You can view this petition at:

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And here’s the blurb I wrote when I signed the petition, to personalize it.:

“Use savings to fund the recovery, not tax money! Radically new taxation, business, monetary and banking models are called for at this time, in order to achieve lasting change and avoid recurrence of an economic crisis. Due to flawed governmental structures and opportunistic, even predatory, aspects of the existing business culture, there is very little reason to believe that permanent improvements are possible under the existing, un-reformed monetary system. Therefore The Prosperity Mandate is an inventive plan that seeks to try out some new ideas, in a low-risk, high-reward scenario. It is designed to incentivize community-minded, long-term thinking and spark government-backed private investment — investment that puts the common good first, while still ensuring that working people have a stake in the recovery, and that middle class investors are provided some stability, savings, and growth potential. Instead of increasing an already mounting federal debt, using government money and an imbalanced tax code to prop up the old, flawed model, The Prosperity Mandate presents an “ownership” opportunity for every American in the funding of the recovery, and in the creation of an updated, broad-based, safe, and vigorous economic model. “


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