Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 11, 2009

Getting Better All the Time: A Personal Update

I was contacted on Facebook  by an old friend yesterday. So I dashed off a note back to her, then realized it was a sort of personal check-in that could be adapted here. So here’s the slightly edited “public” version, for those who want to hear how I’ve been:

I’m excellent one day, and a mess the next. Very emotional… winter and a sort of depressive streak are always poking around in my life. Married, one six-year old son. I’m basically a housewife, but not always comfortable with that role.

Since January, I’m teaching some college-level writing classes (for the first time, so I’m learning as I go… sort of tough after not having taught writing since I taught high school in the mid-90’s, …also tough because I’m a very disorganized, unconventional person). Still doing some regular religious volunteering stuff (now in Catholic and Lutheran contexts), but that part of my “soul” is under re-construction, too. Jesus loves me, and I love Him and my life, but I’m still angry about some shit, and trying to “get better” and less addictive in how I relate to my life.
So I guess I’m still crazy after all these years. Not always the most functional or dependable, but getting saner. Lots of sweet things to be thankful for, tho: Wife and son. A little lake cottage in central Wisconsin (partly cuz Minnesota, which I love, is too far). A few good friends. Facebook helping me sort of re-connect with more, and find a few new ones. Family mostly nearby in western Chicago suburbs, and we’re on good terms (Dad’s dead, tho… ten years, and I stil have not made my peace with our relationship in some ways… but getting closer).

Also I write a blog to work through some of my opinions and feelings about life, so 75-100 people a day stop by to read my stuff, and sometimes respond. I don’t know quite where it’s all headed, but I’m trying to trust God and myself, to stay on this fuzzy teaching/writing career path to see if it gets less fuzzy and makes some actual $$$ or creates greater personal satisfaction someday.

Be blessed, and thanks for Friending!


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