Posted by: Mark Nielsen | January 8, 2009

A Castle: For the Family That Has Everything

Move to Oak Brook, IL and start your empire today!

Move to Oak Brook, IL and start your empire today!

A man’s home is still his castle, apparently… even in hard times such as these.

I went to this real estate developer’s site  awhile back just out of curiosity, not even knowing it was about real estate. I had simply seen a big, cool-looking billboard along the highway ( I294 in Northlake… aka Billboard Row) that said http://www. There was an Excalibur-type sword next to the words.

When I went, this house/castle is what I ended up being coaxed into.

18,000 square feet of living space?   What do these millionaires have, a family or a small army? 7.5 bathrooms? I guess Sheila learned from Paris Hilton that even sharing a bathroom with your sister is just too disgusting to even consider. Plus you gotta love that “fort like feeling” [sic] their promotional text talks about.

Oh, and by the way, Platinum Partners Realtors: if you’re going to build and sell a three million dollar house, the least you can do is spend a hundred bucks for a writer and editor to clean up your crappy web description and use a basic friggin’  spellchecker. Come ON now!

As of early January, almost 4000 people have visited the website. And you thought we were in a recession! We’re actually slipping back into the Middle Ages, where the poor are a growing multitude, and the rich rule from a place like this. They better build one big-ass moat…



  1. hi i also wanted to say this castle is great i have been looking for a castle for 20 years and have not seen anytthing like this castle i hope the real estate broker or agent will let me see the castle i would love to buy this castle before dec of 2009 but i guess i will try to keep looking if anyone knows whats going to be in the inside of the castle for rooms and recontion use let me know thank you

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