Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 30, 2008

Mark Makes History!

Dec. 30Today in History

1972 Nixon halts bombing of North Vietnam and announces peace talks
1970 Paul McCartney sues his bandmates to dissolve the Beatles


…and most importantly…


2008 Mark Nielsen Gets a Job!


Yup. It’s official. As of today, call me Professor Nielsen.


I will be teaching three writing classes at Westwood College in Chicago’s Loop starting in January. It used to be just a “career college” not unlike ITT Tech and others, but it’s now transitioning toward North Central accreditation like most typical full-service liberal arts colleges. Pay’s not so hot (maybe cuz this type of school often serves poor kids, those at a loss for what to do next, even moreso than middle class suburban brats like I was at age 18).


Anyway, it’s a start. Plus it offers a certain amount of freedom in what/when I can teach, unlike teaching high school or younger.


And of course, teaching college also projects that “writerly” image, so essential these days. (Yeah, right!)  I’m no John Updike, nor do I have a tweed jacket or pipe. But if all goes well, I’ll move slowly up the academic ladder and make some little splash out in the big bad world, sometime before I shuffle off to that heavenly Buffalo. (I hope it’s warmer there, though.)


I’ll post more as I’m able. For now, just a sigh of relief, a prayer of thanks, and a bit of an “Uh oh, now I can’t fake it any more”.

Or can I?


Speaking of history: lest we forget, here’s the most glorious, long-view smackdown of President W that I have seen in years.





  1. Good news, Mark!

  2. congratulations!! that’s wonderful news.

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