Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 24, 2008

Holidays: How Serious Are You About Love?

Holidays are the Lord’s way of testing how serious we are about loving God, others and ourselves. Sit under your Christmas tree for a few moments today or tomorrow, like a gift to yourself and your family. Slow down, and wrap yourself in that attitude of adoration. You’ll feel less tired, and be more beloved (as if that’s even possible… to be more beloved than you already are… but we do need regular reminders, don’t we?)


  1. Mark,

    Even better, sit before your nativity scene and adore Him!
    And be inspired by His holy parents.

    • True dat… however, if I were going to do dat, I’d still make myself gold in order to still “be the gift”. Adoration is good, and is a gift in itself, but being/doing something of value/tangible to us in THIS kingdom is often necessary as well.

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