Posted by: Mark Nielsen | October 12, 2008

TV Off, Funtime On

Once in awhile I get a nice reminder of why we do what we do, and how good life is when it seems to conform to our plans. Like this holiday weekend Up North. (Thanks for having the guts to cross an ocean, Columbus.)

We’ve got company that showed up late Saturday night, a mom and two kids around Graham’s age. They arrived to find us already gathered around a campfire, S’mores supplies and beers all good to go.

Then Sunday, I had a full day with the kids. A boat ride to retrieve the kickball that had floated away. Air hockey with 6-year-old Luke (I wasn’t trying to win, or to lose, but I beat him 10-8. Does that make me a bad person?) A walk around part of the lake so they could splash stones in the creek and collect fancy rocks. And a bit of swimming. In mid-October. Crazy. Who knew a weekend could be this pleasant?

Tonight the kids get to sleep in the tent on the back lawn. I’m going to do rock-paper-scissors in a few minutes with Angela, Luke and Love’s mom, to see who gets to supervise the kids’ mini-campout. They’re good kids, and they play well together. So I’m not even sure if the on-call camper parent will be the winner or loser. They’ll get less sleep, though. The short nap we gave the kids in late afternoon assures us of that. I took a nap too, so I’m probably a better candidate to sleep outdoors.

Now it’s another hour around the campfire, good conversation, and a quick check on my Treo’s internet connection to see how the Patriots are doing on Sunday Night Football.

The coming week is bound to be a letdown after this. So best to make hay now, while the Wisconsin moon shines through a lovely, gentle haze.


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