Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 18, 2008

Life: Nasty, Brutal & Short (but funny, if you pay attention)

“Life is to short to go though it unnoticed! ” – Meg, Northwwstern University Class of ’06, as painted on a large rock along the campus’ lakeshore (according to tradition… I painted one myself in 1987)

“Apparently, it’s also to short to worry about spelling…” – Mark N, 9-18-08

“I rule!” – Lester Burnham/Kevin Spacey in the film American Beauty, after buying his adolescent dream car, a 1970 Camaro.

2nd best Lester Burnham midlife crisis line: “I want the position with the *least* amount of responsibility possible.” …as requested in applying for a burger-flipper position at Smiley Burger.

USUZI – When you look in the mirror, this is what the ISUZU logo looks like. All the letters read as real letters backwards, but S and Z switch roles. [Useless trivia is my specialty. You’re welcome.]


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