Posted by: Mark Nielsen | August 21, 2008

Liminal Refrigerator Magnet Poem

The following poem, written mostly by Mark but slightly by Sue (and others?), has been evolving for a few years. We have three sets of refrigerator poetry words to choose from: the Original Edition, the Artist Edition, and the Doggie Edition. I didn’t “get” a lot of what there was for me in this poem, until after undergoing a men’s rite of passage. I probably still don’t get it all. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t, either. Nevetheless, use me while you can…


Liminal Refrigerator Magnet Poem


he yin

have and take

watch blue lake

a sausage sense

wild, frantic

drunk metaphor.

Neo-Beat gift. —->


she is y’all

thinks gardening

produces writers

sings softly

feeling every rhythm.

Demands. —->

These then

think through

their thousand

tiny true graces,

telling them


Never me





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