Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 16, 2008

The Iran/Reagan/Fox News Bump

Well, would you look at that?! Bush is sending an envoy to talk with Iran. He must have read my blog entry from last month.
The downside is that I ended up being wrong, and I HATE THAT. Apparently, President Bush IS capable of considering the pros and cons and changing his policy. Who knew? Last time he did what I said he wouldn’t do like this, he fired Rumsfeld. But that was a no-brainer. This one will lose him and his party some political capital, especially with the Israelis, but it’s the right thing to do. Even to do badly, like a bully who refuses to apologize for tripping you yesterday but still picks you second for his soccer team today, right after picking his slow-footed toady who he knows will pass him the ball. (Can you say Dick Cheney? Where’s he been lately, that tail-‘tween-his-legs coward?)
So regarding Iran, now all the hawks here in the States can go ahead and change their own minds about diplomacy as well, without risk of being called flip-floppers, because the Commmander in Chief did it first. What leadership! What common sense!
What bullsh*t… they’re just counting on the American people to have short memories and short attention spans – which most of us, I admit, really do. By September, McCain and the Republicans will be trying to make it look like Obama never took criticism for being ready to meet with Iran, and their lock-step lemmings will believe them.
Conservatives are people, too, though. Gotta give credit where it’s due now and then.
In fact, I actually ended up getting a bit of a “bump” at Marking Time yesterday, in regards to Iran, and a post I put up back in January (when Obama gave Reagan credit for being a motivator and changing the course of politics). January, eh? Thanks guys. Everything old is new again — in the blogosphere, at least. Blogger/Fox Forum contributor James P. Pinkerton wrote an article  reviewing several months worth of comparisons between Obama and Reagan. (I wonder if he’s related to the strikebreaking Pinkertons of the early twentieth century? Probably… most thugs just pass their biases down from generation to generation.)
Then after Pinkerton’s smarmy, fact-impaired, nostalgic trip up the Reagan poop shoot –he’s dead James. Stop kissing his ass. You too, McCain — the automatic Google generator of “possibly related posts”,  put my own article at the top of the list for potential click-through because I had the right key words in my title. [ Post highlight: my original mathematical construction Reagan x Kennedy – McCain 2 = Obama… click thru if you want it interpreted… sort of. ]
So if any of y’all are back again today but were newbies yesterday, welcome back. But I ain’t gonna pander just to keep you comin’ round, ’cause I’m an equal opportunity critic of the right, the left, and most folks in-between — especially when it comes to foreign policy. Though I will cop to leaning left most days. So don’t expect some Fox-friendly hogwash here, because I’ve been known to take potshots at Fox owner Rupert Murdoch, Greenspan, Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower, Wal-Mart, and a host of other standard, easy conservative targets that have taken the world down the wrong road.
I’m no big fan of Bill Clinton, though. Never was. And I’m keeping a close eye on Barack, too. Because I have supported him publicly, and like I said, I hate Hate HATE being proved wrong on something I went out on a limb to say. Good thing it happens so infrequently.
Mark S. Nielsen, United States of Amazed and Confused

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