Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 9, 2008

Big Bad Broadband Dance

Regarding the switch to digital cable from analog, I put it off for a year or two, not for any good reason, but because my cable needs were modest, a switch would be a pain, and I assumed that any kind of upgrade would end up costing more, whether they told me so or not.

Now I’ve gone through the process, made the switch (to non-HD), and meanwhile adjusted my account so that we no longer have a separate internet account. Except I’m not happy with what I’ve got now. I feel like we went backwards in some ways. This is not for the usual reasons, but because I expected more improvement than I’m actually seeing on my HDTV, and we also have not solved the technical problem (occasional dropout of our internet service) that was our main reason for upgrading.

I’m somewhat enjoying Comcast’s On Demand feature, but otherwise I’m frustrated. Internet still goes away unpredictably, even with a new modem now and a newish computer (2006?). The HD-level channels that were coming through the cable all along (!!!) and were formerly being read directly by my new HDTV are now being blocked by their non-HD box (they say an HD box is $10 a month more). So now I probably have to bypass the box if I want to watch an HD broadcast in true HD. Ridiculous.

Not to mention the appointment missed by the first cable installer, the rigamarole of rescheduling, the installation charge for the new box and moderately faster modem…

Why do we put ourselves through this? Why do we let them get us hooked on the junk?, and then we fall for the promise of more and better junk, and then they’ve got ya.


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