Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 9, 2008

Blogging: Nail-Biting for the 21st Century

A bit of housekeeping, or perhaps a pat on my own back, if you will indulge me: late last week, I reached 200 posts on WordPress. That’s since April 2007. Here’s the first one, still a classic. I had blogged prior to that on MySpace for about nine months, but I don’t think I hit stride till I started cross-posting at WordPress and taking advantage of its better user interface. (Thanks for the gentle nudge, Will.) Or maybe I’ve yet to even hit stride. Only time will tell…

I also just read a long Emily Gould NYT Magazine article (re-posted at Brad Listi’s A.D.D. blog) about the ups and downs of blogging life, especially when one compulsively includes a lot of personal information, or seeks too much validation from the form or its audience. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to drop me a comment now and then, just so I can get off on pretending I’m famous, and well-liked by strangers, and followed with much interest by my closest friends, who in my highly delusional blogger persona I think of as my apostles.

Be ye perfect, therefore, as I am not… after all, somebody’s gotta pick up my slack, don’t they?


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