Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 5, 2008

MT’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Just experimenting a little bit here. Because for once I have nothing new to say, and in the interests of saving time, and perhaps to give newcomers to Marking Time a glimpse of some past highlights, I present the stats and links below.

Consider it a summer re-run. They still do that on TV, don’t they? It was one of the things we could always count on when I was a kid: that 1) you could probably see a repeat of an episode you missed earlier in the season, and 2) when it’s nice outside, maybe even still light out after 9pm, you can be out in the world instead of holed up inside watching TV, partly because you know there’s nothing new or good on TV anyway.

Hey, turns out I did have something to say after all. Enjoy the re-runs… or not.


Gotta rant, Got ta rant, Got…to… RANT (aka “Killing Rupert”), 1,471 views

Mash-up, Morphing and Censorship for Shorties, 465 views

Road Rant: Less Is More, 333 views


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