Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 25, 2008

Serious Leisure Is Hard Work

It’s 3:24am on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I’m in Wisconsin at the cottage (Grayhaven), and I already have a mild case of “fun fatigue”.

I was shaken from my slumber over a hour ago by a dog wanting to go out and tinkle/explore, and I dutifully indulged him. Then I decided to stay up awhile, maybe read a bit. But in the era of blogging, webzines and the Palm Treo 700p, reading doesn’t always involve turning the paper pages of some classic tome like *Light In August* (has anyone out there read it?) or a light magazine about classic August vacation getaways.

All of which is to say: I’ve done my rounds of web-surfing and logging on and creating DisqUs accounts and commenting and pondering, and boy are my thumbs sore. Thumb fatigue for non-texters: the malady of choice for remote bloggers such as myself.

I’m not complaining, though. (Okay, I am… but you’re here anyway, so indulge me for a few minutes.) All this surfing and scrolling helped me turn up Michael Cline’s thoughtful article at Jesus Manifesto. It’s on various peacenik Christian responses to Memorial Day’s inherently nationalistic celebration of war, both just and unjust. (I’m not convinced any “just” war will ever be fought again, just for the record.)

I also caught a positive book review of Greg Boyd’s new book, *The Jesus Legend*. If you’re curious, hop over to my WordPress blogroll (at left?) to click on Pastor/Professor Greg’s own blog,maybe see what he’s all about. One of the more gutsy Christian voices of the past decade, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, in checking email, I see that my son has a tee-ball game on an upcoming Sunday at 8am. Apparently I’m not alone in blurring the line between “fun” and “work”… 8am?!!! To watch/coach a bunch of runts hopped up on Froot Loops, all converging on the ball at once and falling on it like it’s some suburban athletic variation of a hand grenade. Oh, and by the way, turns out there IS crying in baseball… if you’re five and you don’t get to bat first.


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