Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 21, 2008

Confessions of a Frequent Flake

My brain function was bad enough before old age started setting in. Now it’s getting ridiculous.

In the past two days I’ve forgotten first my cell phone (in a pullover pocket at work for two days), and then my wallet (up in Wisconsin, where I can’t get it back until this Friday).

Add to that the increasing frequency with which I forget people’s names (I used to be really good at it), and the 15+ times I’ve gotten my son to school late this year, and you’ve got all the makings of a classic flake. David Hirsch, an old family friend, calls my personality type Abstract Bewildered. It’s true. I can be creative, but when it comes to little details, schedules, and crossing all the t’s, I’m often a mess. My mother has been of the opinion for years now that I was borderline ADHD as a kid, but never diagnosed because I was high-functioning academically… all that completed-at-the-last-minute homework at least had the right answers.

Now that I’m looking for work again, it really gets me worried. “Attention to detail” and “ability to meet deadlines” seem to be the two main skills/cliches held in common for all the job-postings I’m interested in. Of course, nobody’s gonna advertise that they’re occasionally forgiving when it comes to a proposal deadline. So how serious do I take these job descriptions?

I know there’s no cure for old age or stupidity, but is there at least some kind of pill I can take to be normal? (Or as abnormal as I used to be, before I completely let myself go?)



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