Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 24, 2008

Wordplay, Family Time & Cubs for Kindergarteners

A hodgepodge tonight:

1. Graham was reading over the Cubs’ season schedule in the kitchen tonight. He doesn’t get the concept of an abbreviation yet. So here’s his creative interpretation of the teams they’re playing. See how many you can guess (see key below):

still, kin, pit, Hugh, lad, cool, fleadh, mill, alt- , tab, cues…

2. Quote of the day: “Nouns are overrated.”

Stated by my lovely but highly stressed wife, in response to my request for a noun, after she fumbled around for the right word for about 30 seconds before recalling it:

“We still have to find the — the thing, so we can pay the thing. You know… the bill thing!”

BTW- the overrated noun was “property tax bill”.

3. Q.O.D. Runner up: “Sue, thanks for falling on your sword.” Stated by a coworker of Sue’s after a very contentious meeting, to discuss this year’s big-ass controversy. (Every year has its own controversy, one of the main reasons she’s leaving…)

4. Graham and I took advantage of the heavy rain tonight to do some much needed puddle-jumping. If you can’t get all soaking wet with a kindergartener (and your dog), well then you’re taking it all too seriously, people. We even played a round of Pooh Sticks with the rain running through the gutter toward the sewer grate.

5. Earlier in the week, in honor of Earth Day, Graham and I planted some basil and a pine cone seed in the garden. Today, he asked if we could go see if anything had grown yet. Ah, to be so young and naive…

6. Graham asked on the way home from the libary if we could ever run out of letters or numbers. I said no. Then he asked what the biggest number is. I said googol. Then he asked how you write it. I said g-o-o-g-o-l. “No, how do you write the numbers!” I explained that nobody had ever written the whole number, because it would take to long. Theoretical math, for a five-year-old. (He’s kind of into negative integers, too… seriously.)

Cubs’ opponents key:

St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston, L.A. Dodgers, Colorado, Florida, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Chicago White Sox





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