Posted by: Mark Nielsen | April 11, 2008

Are You a Pooh or Piglet? (The Update)

I was checking out others who linked to or referred to Marking Time , and found a few nice tidbits to pass along to my readers.

First up:  All in the Mind, an Australian blog site that seems to be paired with a radio show, both of which focus on “the mind” — from a psychological, neurological and spiritual perspective. It has an item a few clicks down in Dec. 2007, which briefly refers to Pooh and Piglet as personality types, as did my own blog a few weeks ago. But I found other parts of that blog provided interesting food for thought as well, on subjects like “belief” and a less combative dialogue between scientists and religious folks: which I support wholeheartedly, as someone who wants to promote miracle-friendly science (a rigorous approach to science that nevertheless allows for the unknowable and/or supernatural). [See my blogroll at left for a link to Quantum Pork, which has several articles on this approach.]

Clicking on that All in the Mind reference to Pooh led me to a fun little quiz, circa 2003, which asks a few easy questions and then gives you a score to determine what 100 Acre Wood character you are. I was a bit disappointed that this whole idea (mixing Pooh with personality testing) was not my own original invention. But I got over it. Nothing new under the sun, as they say.

After the quiz, my resulting score was 58%, …whatever that means! It doesn’t really say– which is very Pooh-ish and un-mathematical of Stephanie, if you ask me. But maybe that’s just my persnickety Rabbit part or know-it-all Owl part talking.

Oh, and here’s another weird number:

1,974,005 people have taken this quiz so far.
740,973 are the same charactor as you (Pooh).

That either means that 37.5% of all people in the world are Poohs (which seems way high to me), or more likely, it means that more Poohs tend to take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz than other types (which makes more sense, since us Poohs tend to go on expotitions throughout the internets looking for Interesting Places like Stephanie’s Thoughtful Spot).

My Result:

She’s got my number, sure enough.



  1. You are right that this isn’t too scientific a method. On the other hand, it is good to be reminded that good food, good friends, and good fun are some of the basics we need regularly.

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