Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 13, 2008

Titles In Search of a Dumb Movie

Today, a simple exercise: creating dumb/clever movie or song titles that connect to current events, but also refer to older movies or songs using some form of wordplay. Add your own down in the Comments section! For example:

Client 9 From Outer Albany (a play on Ed Wood’s cult classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, uisng Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s alias, Client 9).


Cousin Ashley Dupri (the name of Spitzer’s hooker, and a takeoff on the Steely Dan song “Cousin Dupree”, off their Grammy-winning album Two Against Nature)

The Hillaries Have Eyes (on Pennsylvania)

Damn Cubbies!
(a play on Damn Yankees, … Cubs apparently aren’t getting that Brian Roberts deal done after all)

I Fought al Sadr But al Sadr Won

(or sell their crappy, toxic trailers… a takeoff on the little-known South African themed film Sarafina! starring Whoopi Goldberg)

Did Drew Do You?, Da Da Da Da
(an old Police song… referring here to Chicago-area cop Drew Peterson, now suspected of having killed both his third AND fourth wives)

Oh, Geraldine! (a takeoff on Chuck Berry’s Oh, Maybelline! …referring to Ferraro, who stepped down today from Clinton’s campaign committee, after making remarks that some people interpreted as a racist analysis of Obama’s campaign success)

Brokeback Mortgage (check this story from last fall, about an entire town that is falling apart due to foreclosures)

.   .   .   .   .   .   Okay friends… go to town! The dumber the better. —>



  1. Showboys (Like showgirls but with that Hernandez guy from American idol)

    Michael & The Candy Man vs. New Haven. (Michael Myers and the Candy Man team up in a slasher pic in New Haven CT. Recently Michael was suspended for buy skittles in a middle school.)

    La Obama (The story of a young brown skinned man who reshapes American culture despite racial hardhips. Stars Lou Diamond Phillips who is neither Black nor Mexican.)

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