Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 7, 2008

Desire, Pork & the Role of Ralph Nader

Check the blogroll at left –for “a simple desire”– to see today’s new posting on the prophet Elijah and Ralph Nader.

Previewing this weekend’s upcoming offerings:

1) An honest appraisal (hopefully) of some of the pros and cons of current medical advancements, including the ethics and costs of stem cell research, fertility treatments, and care for the elderly and infirm. [I attended an ongoing seminar on medical ethics in Evanston last night, put on by a very smart physician and her husband, a biochemist.]

2) A probable update on the themes and activities of Quantum Pork, another group I’m a member of, that discusses the intersection of theology, science and human culture in a fun and balanced way. Again, see the blogroll at left for a click-thru to their homepage. And if you do go to QP, don’t miss my new article over there, entitled: Satisfaction, Not Shame: A Theology of the Human Body (first posted in slightly shorter form at a simple desire a month or so ago).

Until then… go do your homework. Or else eat, drink and be merry. It’s the weekend!



  1. Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader;
    dare speak truth,
    demand peace.

    Honesty compassion intelligence guts –

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