Posted by: Mark Nielsen | March 5, 2008

Hillary Phones Home, Blitzer Bites, America Gets Nervous

See Hillary at 3am for fun coverage of all the YouTube parodies of Hillary’s ill-advised “At 3am… who do you want picking up the White House hotline?” tv ad; followed at by Hillary on SNL. Further on in yesterday’s CNN bin: see “News of the Absurd” for various winter kidstuff in Minnesota and elsewhere (like an ice-fisherman’s recent wedding, in the middle of a snowy, iced-over lake); look further still: a goofy story on people trying to pronounce new Russian president Medvedev’s name…
And while you’e at, if you’re lucky, you’ll see the embedded CNN ad by Wolf Blitzer for his “CNN Podcast”… So I got to thinkin’.

How many times do you think veteran newscaster Wolf Blitzer has been caught saying this:

” What the *x$(%^! is a ‘pod cast’ ? What’s a pod, even? Why am I even doing this? Whatever!  Just bring me my Rob Roy with a lime and let’s get this bitch over with for today. And don’t skimp on the Angostura bitters, dammit! I needs me something strong, for when I slump over my Selectric Typewriter and drift off, while working on tomorrow morning’s lead story.”
Poor Wolf. Lost among us stupid sheep…
This just in… after yesterday’s primaries, the score is:
Delegates Pledged: 1257
Superdelegates: 194
Total: 1,451
Pledged: 1127
Superdelegates: 238
Total: 1,365
Pledged: 26
Superdelegates: 0
Total: 26
So HC now has more superdelegates, perhaps as a result of the late Texas caucus, and we’re in a pickle again. I know it’s hard, people. To count votes, I mean. As in 1, 2, 3…. all the way up to over 200 million citizens. But isn’t there anything better than this system of tedious primaries, powerplays, pundits, and this huge buildup of anxiety prior to the convention? No wonder people hate to vote.
We are in the 21st century, aren’t we? Can’t we figure out a cleaner, more efficient election process? It can’t be any harder than putting a man on the moon…


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