Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 28, 2008

Neverland for Sale, Facing Foreclosure?

A short but sour alert today, to something most of us already know: the mortgage and revolving credit crisis in America is bad, and getting worse. This from CNN –>

Foreclosures up 57%

Foreclosure filings nationwide soared 57% in January over the same month last year — another indication that the nation’s housing woes are deepening. A study released today shows 233,001 homes were affected, 8% more than in December. Of that total, 45,327 homes were lost to bank repossessions. full story

And I also heard yesterday, and on Le Show befoe that, even the wealthy Hollywood types are getting hit. Their 35 million dollar houses are having to be reduced to 29 million, just to sell them. Boo hoo.
Here’s the pick of the litter, though: Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, complete with the menagerie of animals, and merry go-round, and probably a pool for the little kiddies, is up for sale, too! I don’t recall the price, but it’s probably in that 35 million range. So save your pennies, kids, and you too can own a piece of Never Neverland, and never have to grow up, and run away to Oman in the Persian Gulf area to escape potential prosecution and paparazzi.

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