Posted by: Mark Nielsen | February 18, 2008

Wisconsin: Storm Stories

Nine inches of snow in central Wisconsin Sunday. On top of the two feet already on the ground, that makes for about three feet.

It may be normal for this area, but I suspect it’s been like Chicago: snowier than any winter I’ve seen in years, maybe even since 1979. It makes me wonder what to make of the whole global warming thing, but it’s likely a byproduct, despite being counter-intuitive. I’m no climatologist, though.

To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to the weather as a rule. Why fret over something so obviously out of my control? When possible, I don’t let bad weather affect my plans or my mood, either. Weather is just a safe topic for other people to talk about, when they’re not secure enough to discuss something substantial.

Then again, I may be in deep denial today. I do get somewhat irritable and gloomy every winter. (It’s that whole sunlight deprivation thing.) But generally I just keep plugging away at the tasks of the day.

Plus, I like going sledding with Graham. So far be it from me to complain about a few 9-inch “flurries”. Bring it on, baby!


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