Posted by: Mark Nielsen | January 13, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys, Even When They’re Men

An all-around fun day… a classic Saturday. Here’s some highlights, with links to sweeten the deal:

1) I stepped out with Graham to attend a meeting of quantum pork, an informal network of people interested in the intersection between science, theology, and philosophy. I have an article there, in the philosophy section. Today’s meeting featured friendly differences of opinion about politics, our first-ever African American visitor, and the following quote from co-founder Dennis James:

“God had the good sense to create a universe where life often really sucks.”

(The main thrust of his point being that we have to choose the good, for ourselves and in order to serve others. If it was easy, or if there were no suffering, there’d be little or no difference between right and wrong.)

 2) My son saw a guy in the restaurant with a Packers’ “G” on his hat, and told me: “That’s your team, Daddy.” (Wait! Before you lynch me, Bear fans, let me explain: when I lucked into a cheap ticket to a game at Lambeau Field last year, I chose to commemorate the occasion by buying my first, last, and only pair of camouflage clothing: a pair of sweatpants with the famous “G” on the thigh. So now, having seen the pants, my kid assumes I’m a Packer fan, when really I’m just participating in the general culture of Wisconsin, trying to fit in when we go to our vacation cottage.) I’m not a big fan of the team overall, just a fan of the state… and as a fan of the game I’ve always enjoyed watching Brett Favre. A bonus: the big, sloppy snowstorm in the middle of the Packers’ playoff victory today made for great theater, too.

3) Graham and I played our first air hockey game ever, at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant & arcade. And believe it or not, I got out of the joint having spent just $1.50 ! Graham even got two Tootsie rolls with the tickets he won. Some days, the limited experience of a five-year-old can be a blessing. They’re easy to please…

4) Listened to some interesting WCPT progressive talk radio in the car, mostly chewing on the presidential candidates. I learned some interesting new stuff, like this: Giuliani started out as a “tough on crime” prosecutor in part because his own father had been involved with organized crime, so he saw what it did to families. Great. Just what we need: another Republican with “daddy issues”…

5) Tonight the Jacksonville Jaguars made the Patriots sweat, in a pretty good football game where David Garrard looked a lot like Daunte Culpepper in his prime. But the Pats found yet another way to win, this time barely using Randy Moss at all. Who’d have thunk it? Adding to the special nature of the win: it ties the Patriots with those annoying 1972 Dolphins, for 17 wins in a single season. Now maybe that bunch of self-aggrandizing old farts will shut their pie holes and stop claiming to be the best team ever. Or maybe when the Pats win the Super Bowl? Nah… the Dolphins won’t budge. After a certain age, men like that just find it easier to stay ignorant and “dug in”.


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