Posted by: Mark Nielsen | January 1, 2008

Getting New Year’s Wrong

***A Hilarious, Snide, Longwinded Play-By-Play of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve… in Several Parts***

But first, a humorous confession:

My entire family mistakenly thought LAST NIGHT was the Big Night. Apparently we just shut off our internal calendars after Christmas, and got confused. It started with the confusion of the Patriots playing on Saturday night. (Go Pats!) It also had to do with how we go “off the grid” somewhat while we’re up here: semi-snowed in, no cable tv, internet available only on this tiny screen the width of my wrist — not to mention enjoying the fluid schedule of two-plus weeks off school/work.

How it came about is that Sunday I asked Sue around 1pm if it was New Year’s Eve, and she said “yes”. So that put the matter to rest for me, since she sounded so convincing. Plus, as a Myers-Briggs ENFP, I try not to think about dates, deadlines or endings unless it’s absolutely necessary. Besides, she’s an INTJ, so I trusted her sense of time and schedule management implicitly. Who knew? Who knew that in a crazy-ass year like 2007, even Sue could be a bit of a dope?

Tomorrow: more of “Getting New Year’s Wrong”


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