Posted by: Mark Nielsen | December 18, 2007

Fred Flintstone: The Fred Thompson of the Stone Age

Animation Art Cel Huckleberry

A few little recommendations today, is all:

Wire Tap, a radio show premised on “listening in” on pretend phonecalls and voicemails, is one of those fun, slightly cheeky but not too dangerous Canadian products. Canadians can take some pretty good potshots at the U.S. precisely because they so much like us… only smarter. It’s like how your brother or sister knows how to tease you better than anyone else, getting right in there where it hurts, but not so much as to be unforgiveable.

I cracked up yesterday while listening to Wire Tap’s exchange of angry messages and phonecalls between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, which was featured this past weekend on This American Life (another public radio show I also highly recommend). A minor highlight: Barney tells Fred that Stony Curtis (see picture above) made out with Wilma. 

Nothing better than an adult look at some of our most juvenile behavior, or vice versa… like developing a drinking game around the watching of presidential debates… (gotta love that Wonkette! — even though this link’s three years old, it’s still very good; just change a few of the names and voila…)


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