Posted by: Mark Nielsen | November 13, 2007

Flam-o Pajamas: National Young Readers Day

Those of us with young children may already know this, but for those outside the loop, allow me to inform you that it’s National Young Readers Day (part of National Children’s Book Week).

To celebrate the occasion, many K-8 Schools are participating in America’s Biggest Bedtime Story. At Chicago Mennonite Learning Center Today (where I work), and at my son’s public school on Thursday, kids get to come to school in their pajamas and bring their favorite book to share with the class… like a big “read in”. It’s all the things you’d expect (cute, heartwarming, encouraging, etc.) to walk around the school today and look in on teachers, reading books on the floor with pajama-clad kids, who are propped up on bean-bag chairs (little-known fact: schools are the last true home for these holdovers from 1970s furniture fashion… we can’t fit couches in the classroom, and the beanbags are easier to store and move around).

Both schools are also having a Scholastic Book Fair this week. At Graham’s school, Thursday night is Family Reading Night, where we parents get to go to his class with him and read books, drink hot chocolate and maybe sit on his favorite beanbag chair or big pillow.

But by now you may be asking: what the heck are the “flam-o pajamas” of the above title? (No, they are not special pajamas formulated to burst into flames without notice. ) The word comes from a misunderstanding by my son. When I told him his *flannel* pajamas made him look like his late Grandpa Nickerson, he thought I had said “flam-o”. Maybe when I said they were made to keep him warm in winter, he assumed flames must be involved somehow. Or maybe I just talk wrong. Anyway, I didn’t know he’d misheard me till he then repeated the word to his mother in the car last night, at which point she laughed accordingly.

So put on your flam-o pajamas everyone! Snuggle up with your kids tonight, even if you have to call them on the phone, and read some of your favorite books together.

[Runner up for funny misunderstanding of the week: on a Comcast radio commercial spreading disinformation about the Big Ten Network, they advertise a website called But what I heard was “pudding fans first”. Hey, I’m a pudding fan! Let’s invite Bill Cosby, too. And did y’all see the animated Fat Albert spoof this week on South Park this week? I only caught part of it, but it looked like a masterpiece of wicked wit.]


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