Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 3, 2007

Kinder Minder

Some of the kindergarten adjustments are strictly Graham’s to make, as he launches into a new realm of independence and challenges. On day one, he forgot his new Munsters lunchbox at school. [Sidenote: The box is clearly a bad knockoff version, because our beloved vampire-in-training Eddie is not pictured with the rest of the family… but even bad kitsch is better than NO kitsch. ] Graham also left his new backpack on the bus to the district’s after-school daycare center. We got both items back by the end of the week, but I’m sure next week will present some new thing for him to forget or remember.

In one goofy modern twist, for example, my kid now has his first PIN number to remember. They use them to allow kids to buy milk or hot lunch without actual currency changing hands (no bully gonna steal *my* kid’s milk money!). Gray’s got a good head for figures anyway, so he does fine recalling the four-digit number. It’s just that, like his mom, he forgets to eat or drink sometimes when he’s busy. (What are they, aliens?)

Most importantly, he likes his teacher, and is slowly making friends. That’s the main thing. He can handle the pre-academic work like a whiz. It’s all that messy work of dealing with people that he needs improvement in.

And don’t we all… whatever our age?


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