Posted by: Mark Nielsen | September 2, 2007

Kiddie Guardin’

Kiddie Guardin’

Our only son Graham started Kindergarten this past Wednesday. As parents, the transition into regular school is probably the hardest thing we’ve taken on since his birth — maybe even harder, except with less mess and less expense.

The hardest part has been establishing or adjusting to more predictable, repeatable routines. For example, we’re taking kindergarten as an opportunity to get our little Pop Tart junkie on the road to a healthier breakfast diet. So we might be making this harder than it needs to be, by piling other small changes on top of The Big One (changes like bedtime routine, hygiene, supper, computer & leisure time rules). But if we can get all that stuff through the eye of a needle that is September 2007, I know we’ll be better off in the long run.

Now if I can only get us both out the door on time without leaving behind any of *his* school stuff or *my* work stuff, we’ll be ahead of the game. Maybe by January…

Tomorrow: a few tales from week one.

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