Posted by: Mark Nielsen | July 1, 2007


Hi. I’m back. And drunk.. Spending the “holiday weekend” in Wisconsin with family, including Mom, who almost died three weeks ago. She had a “congestive heart failure” incident on June 10th, where her blood pressure and mismanaged medication regime put her on death’s door. This explains in part where I’ve been, mentally and webwise, the past few weeks. Real life tends to interrupt the writing life, in some understandable ways.

Here in Saxeville, Wisconsin, our neighbors on the lake have gone to significant expense to give us a good fireworks show. In a similar way, my mother, my youngest sister and I have had some very fiery convrsations tonight about Mom’s past few weeks, and her future. Honest feelings, emotionally expressed, are a lot like fireworks. Except the the stakes are much higher. What’s said or felt at times of crisis last a lot longer than the thrill of some annual fireworks show. But we will figure it out. I can vouch for the sincerity of my family’s love for each other, and our commitent to do what’s right on each other’s behalf. I can’t claim perfection, or blamelessness. I can only cling to the hope of why and how God gave us to each other. And I will stand on faith, that Mom has a few good years left, and that God will see us through as we “walk through the fire”.

So say a prayer for Carole Nielsen, and for us all.



  1. OKAY. Maybe not drunk. But tipsy…

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