Posted by: Mark Nielsen | May 19, 2007

The First Amendment & Other Corporate Marketing Angles

Goin’ cynical again today. Maybe I’m just a moody S.O.B.

We took a group of junior high kids to Chicago’s one-year-old Tribune Freedom Museum, or whatever it’s called, on the first floor of Tribune Tower. Though it boasts some impressive technology and decent interactivity, I found it slightly bland and one-dimensional. Given that it’s an entire museum devoted to the Bill of Rights, and especially to freedom of speech and the press, I find it to be a conflict of interests –and a bit hippocritical– for an editorially conservative paper like the Trib to be championing these freedoms. But hey… they put up the money for the exhibits, and money still talks louder than anything else in the room. So there you go.
I’m not giving the museum a thumbs down (to use the late Trib movie guy Gene Siskel’s shared trademark), partly because I was too busy keeping the kids on-task to properly enjoy it myself, and partly because any museum at all on this important subject is still better than none at all. So go see for yourself. Maybe I’m wrong. Nevertheless, color me underwhelmed.


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