Posted by: Mark Nielsen | June 25, 2013

More Brat Pack Attack: Cruise Is Out. Who’s Still In?

Mark Nielsen:

Re-blogging a minor hit from the past that reviews the career arcs of Tom Cruise, lesser-known Brat Pack actors and actresses, and the chameleonic Johnny Depp (a Brat first -team alternate).

Originally posted on Marking Time:

The Tom: Today's lesson in the risky business of trying to stay on top forever.

The other day, Marking Time’s subject was 2010’s overall movie box office trends. But I’ve also noticed some trends in the realm of casting and acting that are worth a second look.

Chief among these trends: the old Brat Pack gang that I’ve written about in the past seems to have fallen on hard times. Other than Robert Downey Jr., that is.

Case in point: Tom Cruise’s Day and Knight – pretty much a flop back in June. Not long ago, Cruise crept back into public consciousness as an enduring performer by playing a hilarious key supporting role in the Frat Pack vehicle Tropic Thunder. But when it comes to playing a lead, maybe Tom’s not putting the butts in the seats anymore.

Just because I have it lying around from the last time I wrote about the Brat Pack, let’s review a bit of  Tom’s career.  Around…

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